Overseeing systems means having the skill to adapt to the technologies that are constantly developing.
Borlenghi Impianti uses different systems and special maintenance; first and foremost there is the Mobile Thermal Plant (MTP): a technical design suitable for use in emergency situations.

We use our MTP:

·         for connections to already existing heating systems during repairs, replacements or upgrading of the thermal power station.

·         for new systems where, due to delays for a variety of reasons, it has not been possible to finalise the heating plant;

·         for connections to temporary systems, to provide hot water and heating to condominiums and large public and/or private buildings.

We have also improved the detection of piping and the search for leaks in the subsoil with a portable location video system . The system allows viewing of the nature, the location and the depth of the problem while minimising any masonry works.

The advancement of technology has allowed us to take advantage of remote control systems.  These systems allow rapid programming and effective management of thermal, air-conditioning and domestic water systems. The functions of remote management are implemented in their entirety:

·         remote surveillance

·         remote controls

·         remote calibrations

·         data collection

·         automatic calls

·         alarm receipt

·         hands free raising of alarms to other phones

·         remote diagnosis

·         connections to RTU and PLC with GPRS and GSM networks